12 Animals and their Symbolism

12 Animals and their Symbolism

For millennia, various groups and cultures have understood the unique connection animals have to the spiritual realm. Because of their link to higher energy, animals can serve as guides and protectors, to aid you during your spiritual journey. Throughout your life, you may need assistance with a variety of struggles, and accepting spiritual guidance from these creatures can help you throughout these difficulties. Every animal has their own set of traits that are best suited for different needs and desires. Looking towards these animals during times of need will help give you a new perspective, guide you through difficulties, provide light during dark times, and anything else you need assistance with. Listed below are 12 animals and their characteristics:


Wolf: In the animal kingdom, wolves need a pack to thrive. Both us and wolves are social creatures and are wired to value connection with our own kind. Although turning inward is often essential for introspection and self-connection, we must also form and maintain relationships with others for self-betterment. Wolves can help us work as a team, bring in loyalty, and understand the value of providing and accepting aid from others.

Bear: Power but patient creatures, bears are representatives of strength and protection. If you struggle with depressive thoughts or are feeling weighed down by negative thoughts and energy, Bears can be powerful guides that remind you of your courage and ground you in the reality of your situation.

Dragon: The passionate, fiery energy of the Dragon is nearly unmatched, as seen through its breath of fire. Dragon guides encourage enthusiasm, dominance, and control. Many cultures also view Dragons as symbols of fortune and prosperity and thought to bring in good luck.

Owl: Owls are natural observers, and with this trait they have a deep connection with their understanding of the world. If you desire knowledge and wisdom, Owls are a great guide to connect with, especially for those who wish to use their intuitive abilities.

Butterfly: As transformative creatures, Butterflies represent change and rebirth. They can be the perfect guide for those seeking courage to release unneeded energy and embrace the unknown. Butterflies are also great guides for those needing overall hope and comfort.

Elephant: Elephants are the perfect overall guide for luck, success, and courage. They are considered noble creatures, able to provide wealth and power. This can help those seeking intelligence, prosperity, and strength.

Buffalo: Buffalo are big and bold, ready to take any action they need to survive. When we struggle with fulfilling even our daily needs and requirements, it is nearly impossible to thrive elsewhere. Buffalo encourage power, consistency, and strength during these hard times.

Turtle: Some of us struggle to continue with endeavors that take long periods of time and need to remind ourselves of the virtue of perseverance. Turtle spirit guides follow us through our slower journeys and remind us of the importance of patience. For this reason, they are also good for soothing anxiety and tension.

Cat: In the same way cats understand the necessity of patience before pouncing on their prey, us humans need to wait and maintain self-control in various aspects of our lives. More than patience, cats know the importance of balance between waiting and action. Using the guidance of cats can prevent us from both acting on impulses and being fearful of acting at all.

Frog: Throughout their lives, Frogs not only change from their initial form into their adult bodies, but they are also constantly shedding old skin.  Frogs truly understand the importance of transformation and can guide you through any change you may be going through. This is especially useful for fertility/pregnancy and new opportunities.

Unicorn: These majestic creatures are thought to be above the human realm and exist almost entirely outside our sphere of understanding. They are considered innocent, and therefore naturally embrace the gentleness and positivity of purity. Unicorn spirit guides can also advance your intuition and enlightenment journey.

Seahorse: Because seahorse are slow creatures, they must use wit and patience in order to survive in the ocean. They also use their 360 vision to their advantage, and their awareness and attentiveness are their greatest strength. Seahorses remind us to use our intuition to push through tough times, and are symbols of protection and optimism.

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