How to Bring in Needed Transformation This Summer

How to Bring in Needed Transformation This Summer

 As the summer months approach us, we are met with more brightness and optimism that is magnified within all of us. This is a time of abundance and transformative energy that allows us to grow from the change given to us during the spring and prior seasons. With these renewed and blooming frequencies, we have the chance to bring in more opportunities, work on our needed healing journeys, and fully manifest our dreams. Working with crystals, herbs, and other items that strengthen our intuition is the best way to ensure these changes can be made and maintained. 

5 Transformative Crystals

Labradorite not only looks dreamy, it is also meant to enhance your ability to achieve your dreams. This is because Labradorite works with your higher-level chakras to strengthen your intuition and your ability to manifest. Labradorite will allow you to unlock your full potential and your highest self.

Similar to Labradorite, Moonstone has a frequency attuned to your top chakras, especially your third eye. This helps you better understand your needs and how to obtain them. Moonstone will guide you on the path to healing by aligning your emotional, physical, and spiritual vibrations.

Citrine is a stone of appreciation, luck, and confidence. It increases your optimism and allows you to enjoy your current life to a fuller extent. Because of this, you are not bogged down by mental and emotional woes and can focus your energy on your goals and other endeavors.

Malachite also provides enhanced prosperity within its energetic and healing properties. Malachite gives you the strength to confront and tackle any unhealed aspects of your internal and external self. This stone has frequencies that explicitly promote change within your life, therefore raising your chance of finding new opportunities and becoming successful.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful crystals existing on Earth. This stone’s ability to advance one’s spiritual journey is unlike any other, and anyone looking to transform needs a piece of Moldavite in their life.

Being one of the highest vibrational stones, Clear Quartz can attune you to a frequency of enlightenment. This is because Clear Quartz clarifies any mental, emotional, and physical blockages preventing you from self-improvement and healing. It is also great at dispelling any negativity from your life and enhances your wisdom and deeper understanding of your life path. 


Utilizing the magickal properties of herbs can also bring in the change and transformative you wish to attain. Engaging in herb magick can be done in a number of ways, such as creating teas, spell jars, bath mixtures, or recipes. They can also be used in witch altars, during spiritual rituals, and can help you charge and cleanse your crystals.


3 Transformative Herbs

Mugwort is a highly intuitive herb. It can help strengthen your ability to engage in lucid dreaming and recalling dreams and other memories. This herb advances other psychic abilities as well, which can be used to manifest desired change into your surroundings.

Lavender can purify and protect you from unneeded and negative energy that is currently preventing you from your desires. Using lavender can transform your energy and attune you to a path of healing and change.

Chamomile attracts luck and positivity into your life. Using its naturally soothing abilities, you can focus on the positive aspects of your current situation with Chamomile. This aligns us to our highest path, which increases your ability to manifest your goals.


Other Transformative Necessities

Wanting a bundle of crystals that will shift your energy towards the path you desire? Our Transformation Kits are perfect for you! Each kit comes with a Selenite Palmstone, Malachite Cube, Raw Kyanite. Tumbled Septarian and Labradorite, and a Citrine cluster.

Spell jars are a great way to manifest energy into your life. We have spell jar pendants and DIY kits that allow you to create your own. Both our Intuition and Prosperity spell jar pendants and kits can bring in the frequency to attune you to the correct path.

We also have an array of other magickally and vibrationally powered items such as Aura Sprays, Pillow Satchel, Magick Kits, and more that bring in the same powers outlined above.

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