Intro to Chakras Part 2

Intro to Chakras Part 2

Welcome to part two of Intro to Chakras.

Aligning our chakras is a vital step in our spiritual healing journey. Chakras are energetic vortexes located throughout our bodies. When correctly aligned, the chakras are linked and allow us to connect deeper with ourselves and our body, mind, and spirit to work harmoniously together. We have seven main chakras starting at the base of our spine and ending at the top of our head. Every chakra deals with a different issue and requires separate methods of rebalancing.

This post will go over Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Click here to read Part 1 which covers Root, Sacral, and Solar.


Heart Chakra // Anahata

Our Heart Chakras are located in the center region of our chests. In the center of all other chakras, this spiral serves as the bridge between the physical world represented by the lower chakras and the upper spiritual world that the higher chakras occupy. This chakra represents inner peace, empathy, acceptance, and love. When this chakra is well aligned, your emotional maturity will allow you to have healthy relationships with yourself and others. When this chakra is underactive, you may struggle opening up to others, becoming withdrawn and judgmental. An overactive Heart Chakra will leave you feeling codependent, therefore lacking boundaries, and losing your personal identity.

Balancing Recommendations: Volunteering, inner child work, and taking time to yourself outdoors

Crystal Recommendations Click Here: Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Malachite


Throat Chakra // Vishuddha

As the name suggests, the Throat Chakra occupies our throats, and is the first of three chakras that deal with the spiritual world. The chakra focuses on our ability to communicate and express ourselves. With a balanced Throat Chakra, we will be able to speak our inner truths without the fear of judgment or need of approval from others. This will allow us to be more authentic and creative. With an under active Throat Chakra, you may experience social anxiety, insecurities, and constantly feel misunderstood. On the other hand, when this center is overactive, you may be prone to gossip, being overly argumentative and aggressive during conversations.

Balancing Recommendations: Journaling, drinking tea, humming/singing aloud

Crystal Recommendations Click Here: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Apatite, Amazonite, Chalcedony


Third Eye Chakra // Ajna

Giving us the ability to see inner and outer truths, the Third Eye Chakra exists in the middle of our two eyes. This chakra gives us clarity, heightened intuition, and self-reflection This center is tied to clairvoyance, since it opens us up to the spiritual realm and psychic abilities. It also leads us to enhanced inner wisdom and gives us a better understanding of ourselves and others. When the Third Eye Chakra is underactive you may lack imagination and perception and are prone to memory loss. An underactive Third Eye Chakra may leave you feeling disorientated and easily overwhelmed with a tendency to excessively daydream.

Balancing Recommendations: Spending time in the sun, meditating, and getting enough sleep.

Crystal Recommendations Click Here: Kyanite, Celestite, Angelite, Labradorite


Crown Chakra // Sahasraha

The highest chakra in our system, the Crown Chakra, is located at the top of our heads and is the forefront of our spiritual enlightenment. This chakra serves as our gateway into the spiritual world, where we can access spiritual guidance, universal consciousness, and unity. It is the purest chakra and allows us the embrace every part of our existence. An overactive Crown Chakra may manifest in a disconnection to your body or the Earth, difficulty sleeping, and self-destructive tendencies due to being energetically overwhelmed. When it is underactive, you may experience chronic confusion, oversleeping, and a lack of faith in yourself and the universe.

Balancing Recommendations: Energy work, mediation, listening to spiritual guidance

Crystal Recommendations Click Here: Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone

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