Introduction to Pendulum Magick

Introduction to Pendulum Magick

What are pendulums used for?

If you have an unresolved issue and wish to connect to higher energy sources for guidance, pendulums are the perfect tool for you! Made to answer yes and no questions, pendulums are a quick and easy divination resource that allows you to use your intuition to figure out the best option for you. When using the magick of pendulums, you can either access your subconscious or call upon spiritual guides and teachers to receive your answers. This powerful tool is also good for strengthening and working with your intuition overall.


How does pendulum magick work?

Like all divination practices, pendulums are meant to facilitate your connection to higher energy. This is done by cleansing, charging, and using the energy of the pendulums, surrounding space, and yourself. Once this is complete, all you need to do is hold the pendulum to your board and let the energy move it for you.


What do you need for pendulum magick?

In order to conduct this intuitive resource, you need a pendulum, which includes a pointed crystal attached to a chain, and a flat surface with a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ option. Typically, this is done with a pendulum board, which is made to provide a more accurate and precise reading. Pendulum boards usually have the “yes” answer being at the top and bottom of the board, whereas the “no” response are to the left and right. This means that the direction of the pendulum – either vertical or horizontal – will be the answer to your inquiry.

What type of pendulum should I use?

Pendulums come in a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes, so use your intuition to aid your decision-making process. Most commonly, pendulums use crystals, as they can be charged and provide you better access to your intuition. You can also use your favorite type of crystal or one that relates to the question you plan on using it for, such as love, finances, and work life.


How do I cleanse and charge the pendulum?

Before utilizing a pendulum, you must cleanse the crystal you are using. This ensures that the pendulum is holding any energy that may disrupt the outcome of your process. You should cleanse the surrounding area where you plan to use the pendulum as well. This can be done by using crystal, smoke, light, or water cleansing.


What should I do before I begin?

First, start by having a question prepared to ask. It is beneficial to have multiple questions ready, depending on if you want more clarity for the answer you receive. This will help you obtain a better picture of the issue you are facing. Once you have these inquires lined out, you may lay out your yes/no board on a flat surface with enough space for the pendulum to swing. Hold onto the crystal attached to the chain and direct all your energy into calling upon your intuition, guides, or any higher energy source you want to seek clarification.


How do I ensure the pendulum is cleansing and charged?

Once you have charged the pendulum, it is important to connect the relationship between you, the pendulum, and the board. This is to confirm you are accurately attached to and using the energy of both you and the pendulum. You can do this by commanding the pendulum to swing towards yes or no. Since pendulums are using the frequencies within it to give you answers, you will not be physically moving the pendulum. Therefore, asking it to “show you yes” should result in the pendulum naturally swinging in the correct direction. You may also ask the pendulum questions you already know the answer to, such as a confirmation of your name, date, or location. If the pendulum is accurate, you know you are connected to it. If not, you can cleanse and charge until the answers are correct.


How do I begin?

 Once all these steps are complete, you are ready to ask your questions! Conduct this in the same way you did in the warm-up, by asking direct yes or no questions. This can be done out loud or in your head, as long as you are focused on one question at a time. Make sure you are focusing your intention on using your energy to call upon guidance during this entire process. Once your pendulum has made a definitive answer, you can move on to the next question you have in mind. If you have several questions lined up, you can also write down the question and answer in order to remember the pendulum’s response.


How do I interpret the answers?

If you are using a standard pendulum board, a pendulum consistently swinging vertically is a yes, and a horizontal is a no. However, there are times when the pendulum swings diagonally or in circles. Many boards have included diagonal answers, such as maybe or unknown. In these cases, you can either rephrase the question and clarify what you meant. If the pendulum is consistently swinging diagonally, it may be a sign that recleaning and recharging is necessary. This sentiment is also useful for repeated circular movements occurring after asking questions.


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