Loose Incense 101

Loose Incense 101

Incense was my first true introduction to herbal cleansing, long before I entered the world of spirituality. The way it shifts the energy of any space to become more warm and energetically positive can be felt by everyone. This makes incense a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into the realm of witchcraft, spirituality, or any form of metaphysical healing, while also still used by long time practitioners. Although I will always love the classic stick incense and the visually pleasing flow of cone incense smoke, my current preferred method of incense cleansing has been the burning loose herb mixtures for its unique and intentional nature.

Loose incense is the perfect way to cleanse a space, perform ceremonial rituals, and bring in good energy, while being more intentional and creative than burning other forms of incense. This way you can use the properties of different herbs to bring in specific intentions and be more mindful of the aura you are seeking to create. Personally, I love loose incense for its versatility, allowing me to be more intuitive and in touch with both my mind and subconscious.

There are a variety of ways you can actually burn the loose herb mixtures, depending on the equipment you have. One of the most common ways to burn loose herbal blends is with charcoal, however I prefer using a tea light candle burner with a mesh top. Regardless of method, there are so many fun and insightful ways to perform this mini ritual.

We've JUST released our very own loose incense blends, made in shop, each with a different scent combination and intentional focus. 

Look below for a how-to guide on setting up and performing a loose incense cleansing ceremony!

What you need:

Heat Safe Bowl/Tray


Herb(s)- includes bark, flowers, berries, etc.


Light Source

Charcoal Disc, Electric Burner, or other resin/incense burners


Resin Incense


  1. Set up your surrounding space and make sure you are in a smoke and heat safe area, away from any pets, children, or flammable objects. Crack open a window or door to ensure that there is proper ventilation. If you are wanting to cleanse a specific crystal or item, make sure to bring it close to the incense dish you are using. This ritual can go on as long as you'd like, so you want to make sure the smoke has a way to circulate.
  2. If you are lighting a charcoal disc or tea candle, make sure to add a small layer of your ash/sand/salt to the bottom of your dish for insulation. Once, done, pick up the charcoal dish with a pair of heat safe tongs, and light one side of it until it begins to spark. The disk will begin to self-ignite and the heat will spread throughout, making crackling sounds while doing so. Feel free to set the disk down in the middle of the dish while it does this. Wait about five minutes after igniting to add the loose incense ingredients, or until it is a nice gray color.
  3. Once the charcoal has had enough time to burn, you can add the loose incense ingredients. Take a small pinch of an incense blend, which can include resin, herbs, palo santo chips, and more. This is where your intuition comes in- use whatever feel right! Be sure not to use too much, a little definitely goes a long way. I would recommend starting small and using basic ingredients/blends and then building up once you feel more comfortable with burning the incense.
  4. Let the smoke do its thing! If you want a particular item such as a crystal or deck of divination cards cleansed, just hold it above the smoke for a few seconds to make sure it waves away any energy it may be holding onto.

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