Magick Witch Kits

Magick Witch Kits

Magick is everywhere, existing within all of us, allowing us to utilize our shared energy sources to practice divination, manifestation, spell casting, and much more. The term "magick" is separate from the more common version, magic, to differentiate the term from the preformance art practice. *Real* magick typically use and manipulate energy, and is often used by anyone practicing witchcraft. Many witchcraft practicitioners perform rituals that help them direct energy, honor and connect with their guides, strengthen their practices, and materialize their desires. There are countless types and ways to conduct rituals, and today we are highlighting our 6 kits- Moon, Faery, Ocean, Divination, Element, & Green- and providing ritual ideas anyone can do using the pieces inside!

Moon Magick 

If you are interested in astrology and using the cycle of the moon to enhance your spell work, crystal connection, introspective healing, divination, or other spiritual practices, this kit is perfect for you. Every aspect of the solar system, including the moon and its cycle, is an essential aspect of our lives. From our unique zodiac chart, to our cycle of emotions, to planetary retrogrades, paying attention to astrological events will help us better understand ourselves, the people in our lives, and many events occurring on Earth. While every aspect of the cosmos can aid this knowledge, the moon magick kit focuses on the power of the moon and its 28-day cycle.


The Moon Magick Kits Include:

Three incense sticks to help you cleanse you, your crystals, your home, and anything else needed renewed energy.

A moon pendant to help you attract the power of the moon in your daily life, and your moon cycle practices.

Star of anise & lavender herbs to give you a stronger sense of connection to celestial realm. The star of anise is perfect to represent the moon during spiritual work, while the lavender is a classic herb for divination work.

Five different crystals, Kyanite, Smoky Lemurian, Amethyst, Moonstone, and Blue Calcite. These crystals work for both moon ritual and connection, are also contain higher level chakra metaphysical properties. This allows us to enter intergalactic pathways and obtain greater consciousness during meditation. 

Ritual Ideas:

Moon Rituals –  Each phase of the moon carries different energies with unique spiritual significance that allow for different goals to be achieved. The New Moon is about new beginnings, and calling in to cyclic energy and overall spiritual renewal. Next in the cycle is the Waxing Crescent, which is often used for setting and starting new goals by providing greater amounts of vitality and focus. Late in the moon’s cycle, the Waning Crescent about rest and preparation for completion. This is also a good time to use and enhance your intuition. Full Moons are perfect to reflect and heal any negative cycles you have been facing. Representing completion, this phase is also great for transformation and change. There are many ways to call in and utilize the moon’s energy. Practicing tarot, meditating, and spell creation can help you during any of the moon’s cycles for healing, manifesting, and strengthening your intuition.

Creating Moon Water – Leave out a container of water outside or in an area exposed to the moon the night before a specific moon cycle, depending on the type of energy you’d like to harness, described above. Use distilled water and make sure to place a cleansing crystal like selenite to renew the water’s energy. You can use this water in many ways: crystal cleansing and charging bath rituals, spell work, lucid dreaming, making tea, and more.


Faery Magick

 If you are unfamiliar with the fae, you may recall standard folklore and tales about fairies, little creatures that fly around and live in the forest. The concept of fairies exists in numerous cultures and regions of the world, each one having unique characteristics and stories attached. Our modern understanding of the mythical “fairy” is actually rooted in truth! The fae are otherworldly creatures that occasionally pay a visit to our realm of existence.

While even our current understanding of faeries is limited, there are a great number of things we do know, including gifts they enjoy and some things they can do for us. We also know that each region has different kinds of faeries, which aligns with different types of fae folk being seen throughout the world. 

It is possible to develop relationships with faeries despite our separate moral understandings and cultures, along with the unpredictable nature of these creatures. However, it is important to note that each faery is different, so be sure to do detailed research on the specific actions they take if you decide to work with one to ensure mutual respect is staying consistent.


The Faery Magick Kits Include:

Three incense sticks to help you cleanse you, your crystals, your home, and anything else needed renewed energy.

Three different types of herbs – Rose Petals, Yarrow, & St. John's Wort – known to attract faeries and can serve as offerings to them.

Citrine, Opalite, Goldstone, Tiger's Eye, & Titanium Aura Quartz tumbled stones, due to their shine and glitter. The fae are deeply attracted to anything that is bright, shiny, and sparkly, especially anything that catches their eye. These crystals are considered “gifts” to the fae, and this will help you build your relationship with them and encourage them to return the favor. Don’t be surprised if these pieces go missing.

Gold Flakes serve a similar purpose as the crystals; a gift offering to build your connection to these creatures.


You can place the items included near windows, outside door entryways, in your garden, or on your patio. Faeries love having spaces special for them, so creating an altar like space on a flat, high surface with comfy items like soft cloth will help attract these magical beings. Placing the crystals and gold flakes will make them feel more welcomed and appreciated. 


Ocean Magick

Do you feel drawn to the ocean? Do you excitedly wait until the summer, so you can finally swim again, take frequent baths, and love the idea of mermaids? Or perhaps you have plenty of water signs in your zodiac chart that leave you feeling extra emotional. If any of these characteristics resonate with you, you have a naturally strong connection to the moon cycle and its relationship with the ocean! This capability exists within all of us, and everyone has the power to utilize our energy to connect with the ocean & moon cycles. This kit is meant to strengthen this relationship to enhance your spiritual rituals and divine power, and can be used by beginners and experts alike.


The Ocean Magick Kits Include:

Three incense sticks to help you cleanse you, your crystals, your home, and anything else needed renewed energy.

A Shell Pendant that serves as a daily reminder of your connection to the water element and your divine ties to the moon.

An abalone shell, perfect for smoke cleansing and smudging, or to keep close to you during mediation, spell crafting, and other spiritual rituals.

Marshmallow root & lavender herb, which are used by water witches for spells, divination, baths, and other rituals.

Four different crystals – Turquoise, Amazonite, Ocean Jasper, and Stromatolite – all created near bodies of water or have properties that connect you to the ocean.

A mixture of Himalayan salt, a seashell, & coral pieces, that can be used during rituals to cleanse or harness the ocean’s powers.

Rituals Ideas: 

Bathing – Cleanse your bathing space with the incense provided or other cleansing tools, such as selenite or sage. Add the marshmallow root and lavender, and place the crystals and abalone shell outside your tub before bathing. Feel free to include any other bath safe items such as herbs and salts inside the tub, or other water related items you own, such as seashells, river rocks, or houseplants near the bathtub. Dim your lights and add candles to enhance relaxation. Once you are soaked in water, take time to meditate, journal, or just relax. Be intentional when washing your body and hair, as an act of washing away anything no longer serving you and renewing your energy. When you are done with your bath, you may rewind with other self-care acts such as face masks or napping.  

Calling on sirens/mermaids – As powerful creatures, mermaids use the power of the ocean and moon to as an energy sources for their outer worldly abilities. Forming a connection with these sea creatures can help us with protection, transformation, personal power, and much more. Use your connection to the ocean and cosmic energy along with water, seashells, or other ocean based items  to call upon mermaids and their abilities.


Green Magick

Maintaining a connection with Mother Nature is an essential aspect of being human. It helps us stay balanced and grounded in our material world, which in turn gives us a better understanding of our union with the universe. This kit is meant to help us form and maintain our relationship with the Earth, and provide the basic herbs for any new or practicing witch. This allows you to create spells, preform a variety of rituals, and diversify your spiritual space and practices. 

Green witches typically use herbs for healing purposes. This can be for emotional, physical, or spiritual reasons, and there are a variety of ways this form of healing can be done. Creating a tea, a topical treatment, using spell magick, and smoking or burning the herbs are a few ways that herb remedies can be performed. *Disclaimer*: Please ensure that you are not allergic to any herbs, and that they are safe to use before consuming or using them as a topical.


The Green Magick Kits Include:

Three incense sticks to help you cleanse you, your crystals, your home, and anything else needed renewed energy.

An aventurine pendant to open your mind and heart, attract you to divine energy, and remind you of your energetic connection to the earth.

This kit includes Rosemary, Lavender, Yarrow, Mugwort, and Rose Petals. Each of these herbs has a unique property for healing, but will also strengthen your relationship to the Earth and aid you during non-healing rituals. Ensure that these herbs are safe for you to consume, smoke, or apply topically before doing so.

Tree Agate, Snowflake Obsidian, Walnut Jasper, & Agate are all good for enhancing your connection with nature. They also help with grounding and balancing.

Ritual Ideas: 

Tea Making – Intuitive add the herbs in this kit and any from your home that are safe for consumption into a tea bag, or place into an infuser after boiling a pot of water. Steep your tea bag or follow your tea infuser’s directions and allow the tea to cool. Feel free to add any sweetener to your brew. Be intentional while you drink your tea, letting go of anything that is not serving you and calling in your desires.

Spell Creation – Use our spell jar kits and our in depth tutorial on spell making to manifest your dreams and desires. Each crystal and herb has different attributes, so be sure to check out our crystal & herbs properties page for more details!

Create a space to honor your plants – Whether you can dedicate an entire room or a single shelf to your plant babies, you can use the magic of crystals and cleansing to appreciate mother nature. Make sure to continually cleanse your plants by adding selenite to the soil or near your plant’s containers. You may also use smoke cleansers like the incense provided. Adding other crystals that stimulate growth, revival, and appreciation is another great way to honor your greenery, along with reciting mantras and focusing your intentions on the wellbeing of your plants.


Divination Magick

Working with your intuition is an essential aspect of doing energy work. Doing so will aid you through healing processes, improve your psychic abilities, and strengthen your overall connection to divine energy sources. The Divination magick kits allow you to enhance your relationship with your higher frequencies to both improve your intuitive powers and actively guide you through divination work. This includes practicing tarot, oracle readings, spell casting and creating, guided healing practices like reiki, and more. 


The Divination Magick Kits Include:

Three incense sticks to help you cleanse you, your crystals, your home, and anything else needed renewed energy.

A lepidolite pendant to open your higher chakras and provide healing and clarifying frequencies to your aura. 

Mugwort and Blue Cornflower herbs, which enhance divination work.

Howlite, Iolite, Larvakite, Labradorite, and Sodalite tumbled stones, which soothes the mind, body, and spirit so you can partake in higher energy manipulation and utilization. These stones also ensure that you stay protected during this process, by clearing away any negative energy.

Ritual Ideas:

Enance your Readings- During tarot readings, placing some or all of these crystals on your deck will allow for the deck to be charged full of intuitive capabilities, allowing you to better grasp the messaging of the cards. Using the incense will also clear your deck, the surrounding space, and the crystals to ensure that your practice is not clogged with unneeded energy. 

Meditation - Keeping the crystals in this kit near or on you will elevate your meditation sessions, especially when you are focusing on healing or connecting with higher energy. Because these crystals are tailored to your higher chakras, you will be able to work through issues you are facing, reach your spiritual guides or tap in to universal energy sources.


Element Magick

Using our natural resources- fire, earth, water and air- to do energy work is a great way to connect to ourselves, those around us, the Earth, and the cosmos. This is perfect for anyone wanting to reach universal energy sources for divination work, healing practices, other worldly connection, and improving interpersonal relationships. This kit is also good for those interested in astrology and working with the signs both to better understand yourself and others.


The Element Magick Kits Include:

Three incense sticks to help you cleanse you, your crystals, your home, and anything else needed renewed energy.

4 crystals & 4 metaphysical items for each element-

Air: Sodalite and Smudging Feather

Earth: Dalmation Jasper and 2 Herbs, Ginger (warming) & Hibiscus Flower (cooling)

Fire: Honey Calcite and a Tea Candle

Water: Fluorite and Moon Water w/ Lavender Essential Oil 

Ritual Ideas:

Strengthen your Intuition- Before partaking in a spiritual practice, let your intuition show you what to do! First, cleanse your crystals, then close your eyes and chose the one that calls to you most. Depending on the crystal, you can perform a ritual based on your selection:

Sodalite (Air) - Cleanse your crystals and overall space using the feather provided to ward off negativity. Using sage, incense, palo santo, or any smoke cleansing item (even your tea candle), allow smoke to build up after lighting it and use the feather to clenase yourself, the surrounding space, and any item you feel needs a cleansing. Be sure to use an abolne shell or any flame-safe holder for any cleansing tool that you are handling.

Dalmation Jasper (Earth) - Make a tea using either the hibiscus flower or ginger, depending on the intentions you'd like to focus on. Use hibiscus to provide calming energy to your aura, and the ginger for stimulation and as for energizing effect. Take the time to enhance your intention while consuming.

Honey Calcite (Fire) - Place crystals and herbs depending on your intention near or on top of your tea candle. Light your tea candle for any ceremonic ritual you enjoy, such as bathing, meditation, and divination.

Fluorite (Water) - Carefully open your moon water and use it to cleanse your crystals or anything you wish to cleanse. You can also use this when bathing to enhance intuition or place a few drops under your pillow before bed to stimulate lucid dreaming.

NOTE: *Do not consume*


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