Sound Healing Basics + Class Information

Sound Healing Basics + Class Information

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is a term used to describe the process of energy restabilization. This form of healing uses pure tone vibration to rebalance the energetic vibrations of the body and mind. Whenever we become imbalanced energetically, ailments and illnesses will begin to manifest into the physical. Through sound healing, we can transmute the creation of illness into the creation of well-being. Receiving pure tone vibration induces deep relaxation, dopamine, and synchronizes healing frequencies throughout the entire being.

What are the benefits of sound healing?

Sound healing can treat a variety of physical and mental ailments. It relieves headaches and tensions, and has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Sound healing is perfect for improving overall pain management and the immune system. Additionally, it has been reported to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, and improve insomnia. These improvements provide revitalizing energy, which can give you a boost of confidence, focus, and optimism.

What are the methods of sound healing?

 There are dozens of ways to induce the health benefits of sound – even listening to music has been shown to improve our physical and mental well-being. The most popular tools in the spiritual community include Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, gongs, and chanting. Any item that tunes into healing frequencies can provide the advantages of sound healing. 

What is a sound bath?

Sound baths refer to the full body meditative experience that occurs during sound healing. The frequencies produced with sound healing tools are strong enough to be felt throughout your physical and spiritual body to enable healing throughout your entire life force. This is typically done by a sound healing practitioner while you focus on meditating. Often times, sound bath sessions use several frequencies at the same time in order to target multiple parts of the mind and body.

What are crystal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls hold the healing properties of both quartz and pure tone vibration. This means the energies coming from a crystal singing bowl carry higher vibrational energy than standard bowls made from other materials. Crystal quartz singing bowls are closely connected to earth, and more effective when it comes to transmitting healing frequencies to our bodies and minds.

How do crystal singing bowls work?

There are seven different bowls, and each one produces a specific pure tone that can connect to each major energetic center of our being (our chakras). Within our being, we carry an entire universe of energetic patterns that create the reality we experience. In this system of energy, there are seven main centers where vibration forms a pattern like a portal; sending and receiving energy that we create. Each bowl uses pure tones to harmonize the vibrations of these main energy centers to create a more balanced, conscious, experience of reality.

Everyone can benefit from the healing frequencies of sound healing! If you're interested in trying a meditative sound bath out for yourself, review our Sound Healing Class FAQ and sign up below! 


Sound Healing Class FAQ

Who hosts the class?

My name is Erik Luna Beaman, and I am a native of both the Zacatecas Tribe in Northern Mexico and the Western Shoshone Tribe of Death Valley, California. I have been on the path of healing for over ten years, guided by my ancestors and various Enlightened teachers I've met along the way. I carry on the tradition found in my lineage of breaking through toxic energetic patterns created from unhealed trauma of the past. I am devoted to practices that cultivate light, emotional balance, positive transformation, and deep compassion for the world around me. I am here to love.

What do you use to create healing sound?

For each session, I use tools that were created and energetically charged with the intent to heal. The first main channel used in creating a space for healing is my heart, then through these tools of expression; a Zapotec clay flute, cherry wood flute, Zacatec rain stick, and four hand-hammered brass Tibetan singing bowls. There are also seven different crystal quartz singing bowls, and each one produces a specific pure tone that can connect to each major energetic center of our being (our chakras).

Is there music played during class?

Medicine music from indigenous healers is played before and after each session to bless the space in light. Occasionally, during sound healing, binaural tones will be played at a low volume to induce a specific brain wave pattern that opens the heart and mind to receiving. Mantras and prayer are also used in each session as a form of direct connection with the divine to invoke healing. 

How do the sound healing classes work in our shop?

Sound healing occurs twice a month, on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm. These one-hour sessions are hosted by me, with divinely chosen class themes and sound bath tools. Class themes range from connecting with higher realms, to grounding ourselves, to healing specific energy points.

How do I pay?

We take payment online, through the phone, or in person. Please note that payments must be made at least an hour ahead of time, as spots in the class are limited. Classes are currently $22 a person. 

What do I need to know the day of the class?

Make sure to bring a yoga mat, and any other essential items, such as a pillow. On the day of the class, arrive around 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Once here, you can simply lay out your yoga mat anywhere on the floor wherever you feel most comfortable– don’t worry, the singing bowls can be heard throughout the entire room. Don’t forget to turn off your phone and prepare yourself for 45-60 minutes of meditation.


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