Your Guide to Leo Season 2022

Your Guide to Leo Season 2022

Leo Season Basics:

While last season's Cancer leaves us desiring reclusiveness and introspection, Leo season ushers in a period of vitality to refresh our spirit. The sun enters its fifth and favorite sign on July 22nd, where it will thrive until August 22nd. Because the sun feels most at home during this time, the light it will shine onto you serves as an energetic boost for heightened confidence, optimism, and passion. During this time, you will feel more goal oriented and creative, which is perfect for pursuing business and personal endeavors. Leo season also provides a fun and flirty atmosphere, which enhances our desire to go out with friends and romantic partners. Matched with increased communicative abilities and self-confidence, you are better suited to make and maintain friendships this time of the year. 

Crystal Recommendations:

The perfect way to start Leo season off with a bang is by utilizing the power of Carnelian! This gem brings in a boost of confidence, a greater sense of personal power, and restores our energy sources. If you want to full embrace this time of the year, wearing or keeping Carnelian with you will immensely brighten and improve your Leo season.

It can be tough to center ourselves and feel truly confident if we are struggling with emotional wounds. Rose Quartz soothes our emotional woes and reminds us of the self-love we desire. It also provides softer and calmer energy for any introvert struggling with the intense dynamism that Leo season brings.

Because Leo season is all about creativity and passion, focusing on work and creative goals during this time can take you a long way. The frequencies of Citrine can help you hone in on this energy, allowing you to make great leaps in your aspiration. It is also an overall good stone for luck and prosperity.

If you want to take this time of year to work on yourself and your goals, but want to stay grounded and balanced, Tiger's Eye is the best stone for you. While new opportunities may be coming your way, you will still be centered and be able to make the best long term decisions for yourself.

Herb Recommendations:

Just like crystals, herbs have the ability to bring in specific intentions. Using them in a tea, bath mixture, spell jar, smoke mix, or other rituals can be a great way to bring in the herb's natural properties.

Lemon Balm is a great overall herb for Leo season, as it bring in success, loving energy, and protection. This allows you to feel more confident in both yourself and your craft, while still keeping you focused and centered.

If you want to fully utilize the good fortune Leo season provides, make sure to implement the power of Chamomile into your life. This herb is also good for anyone that wants to bring in confidence, courage, and self-love without overwhelming yourself with increased energy.

Rosemary strengthens our memory and helps us remain creative and productive for longer periods of time. Anyone who wants to use Leo energy to prosper in their work and ingenuity need to be using Rosemary all month.


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