Your Guide to Virgo Season 2022

Your Guide to Virgo Season 2022

As Leo season winds down, your practical and organized side will begin to shine, as the sun enters the new season of Virgo until September 22nd. Virgo season is ruled by Mercury, which is focused on order, evidence, and routine. This time of the year is great for self-reflection especially regarding short and long term goals and reprioritizing your daily schedule, so if you’ve been putting off organizing and planning of any kind, now is the time to do so. This is because Virgo season is all about being the best versions of ourselves through not only figuring out issues within ourselves and others, but putting in the work to solve those problems. If you’ve found yourself in negative thought processes or habits, Virgo season can help you overcome these patterns. This period can also be used to save more money than usual and make better financial decisions. Although perfectionist tendencies can help us essentially get out sh*t together, it is vital to maintain balance between work and pleasure, and to make sure your logical side doesn’t override the feelings of others.


FluoriteFor those wanting to hone in on all the focus and routine-orientation that Virgo season brings, Fluorite is the stone for you. This stone fights against disorganization and chaos, allowing you to concentrate on your goals. It also enhances our decision-making processes by essentially decluttering our mind. Click HERE to view our Fluorite.

Moonstone – Because Virgo season is all about drive and focusing on achievement, it can be a bit difficult to remember to slow down. Moonstone helps with emotional balancing and harmonizing our mental and emotional sides. It also helps us to connect back with our intuition, which can be a struggle during a time of practicality. Find Moonstone HERE

Amazonite – Since Virgo season is ruled by Mercury, this time of the year may lead you desiring to communication thoughts and feelings with others more than usual. This can be great for those who are typically prone to guarding their true emotions with others. However, our communication styles during this season tend to be more abrasive and cluttered. Amazonite can ensure that these interactions are more balanced, and can also help us clear our minds of overactive chatter. See it HERE

MalachiteDuring Virgo season, we are prone to be more fiscally responsible and talk ourselves out of impractical purchases. Because this is a great time to start saving, using good fortune crystals like Malachite can bring in the big bucks while also encouraging us not save rather than spend it. Click HERE for Malachite.

Just like crystals, herbs have the ability to bring in specific intentions. Using them in a tea, bath mixture, spell jar, smoke mix, or other rituals can be a great way to bring in the herb's natural properties.

Lavender Because there is a tendency towards emotional instability, it is important to remain in balance during Virgo season. Lavender is great for those suffering from mixed emotions by stabilizing the head and heart. BUY NOW

Ginkgo Ginkgo is the perfect brain booster, as it enhances our focus, clarity, and memory retention. This is useful for anyone wanting to utilize the goal-oriented season to the best of their ability. BUY NOW

Licorice Root The focused energy of Virgo is not for everyone. Licorice root can relieve symptoms of anxiety and reduce overall stress for anyone wanting a break from unwanted frequencies. See it HERE

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