10/4 Tarot Reading

10/4 Tarot Reading


Judgement - karma, awakening, reflection 

8 of Pentacles - working alone, ambition, determination

10 of Cups - family, joy, completion


It's important to spend time to self-reflect and compare our past and present decisions in order to learn and grow. Becoming a better person requires introspection and doing the due diligence to admit your wrong doings. The 8 of Pentacles shows us that hard work will help us build a foundation in order to flourish. You may be feelings the need to do this work and make progression in your spiritual journey as well, leading you to spend more time alone than usual. Judgement is not only a reflection of our karmic energy, it's also about our spirituality, and coming to a deeper understanding of the higher power around us. If we aren't letting energy flow in and out of us, there is no growth to be made. There is no better reminder of this than the 10 of Cups, showing the happiness that awaits. That we deserve the joy for not only ourselves, but also the people that we love. This card also calls on us to not spend too much time on our own because despite the knowledge we may acrue from introspection, our sense of purpose will always stem from surrounding ourselves with the loving energy of others.


If you want to strengthen your third eye, and really hone in on advancing your spiritual journey, no stone is better for you than Moonstone. This crystal clears the mind and connects you to your subconscious so that you can better understand your path and psychic abilities.

As the 10 of Cups want to remind you, spending time with loved ones is essential. Rhodonite is a great stone for opening up your heart to feel more connected with those around you, while also grounding you and giving you a sense of security. This is great for preventing any tumultous situations from arising. 

Spending so much time alone can lead you to become reclusive and distant, therefore staying grounded, calm, and stable is essential. Fluorite is a great stone for this- it will keep you relaxed and centered, while also making sure that higher energy stays flowing.

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