Tarot Reading 8/2

Tarot Reading 8/2


Ace of Pentacles – New beginnings, Opportunities, Manifestation

Death – Transitions, Endings, Embracing Change 


Life never fails to remind us of its cyclical nature, the constant series of finality and rebirth. Without this cycle, lessons would never be learned, and new opportunities would never be given to us. We need this back and forth to survive, to grow, to flourish. Yet these transitions are never easy; our egos want us to hold onto the past, to remain forever in the same state. Even so, higher energy tells us to let go and embrace the unknown in order to achieve enlightenment. However you choose to take this lesson – whether in your material, spiritual, or emotional goals – remember to allow your intuition and faith to guide you through whatever changes and challenges come your way.

Crystal Recommendations:

Letting go of the past and embracing the unknown can be difficult to deal with. In order to move forward with this discomfort, Moonstone can help us accept new beginnings, as well as open our third eye to enhance our intuitive abilities.

If you are feeling called to higher frequencies and gaining higher knowledge and connection, Amethyst is the perfect stone for you during this time. This stone will provide needed clarity for life lessons and current circumstances.

During times of change, you are in the perfect position to manifest your desires, as life is encouraging you to shift your mindset and path. Jade is a great stone for helping you embrace the change and ensuring you are prosperous during this time.

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