Tarot Reading for 8/9

Tarot Reading for 8/9


Knight of Cups – Passion, Fulfillment, Romance

Ten of Cups – Love, Friendship, Family 


Now is the time to embrace romance, affection, and a warm heart. The loving energy will be coming in strong this week, no doubt the doing of Venus entering the infectiously boisterous Leo on Wednesday. If you have been romantically interested in someone, now is the time to make your move and let them know of your attraction. For those in relationships, you can embrace the love by splurging on a gift or date idea, and engage with each other's passions. Beyond romantic relationships, your overall goals and focus have been in alignment lately, which is undoubtably helping you along your life journey. Let this boost of love and creativity carry you towards your needed path.

Crystal Recommendations:

A quintessential heart chakra stone, Rose Quartz is a stone of pure, loving energy. This stone undoubtably aids emotional instability, and helps relationship woes of all kind. It is also good for anyone struggling with self-love and inner-compassion.

If you are ready for a change in your love life, utilizing the frequencies of Green Aventurine is the perfect stone for you. This stone gives you a boost of confidence, and will give you a better chance of success when meeting new people.

Like Rose Quartz and Aventurine, Agate is great for strengthening relationships and enhances your romantic and platonic endeavors. It is also good for reducing any stress and imbalance that may occur during Leo season, by providing calming energy and clarification to personal problems.

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  • Nick Morse