Golden State Necklace B - Labradorite Cluster 14k Gold Fill Y /w Dagger

Golden State Necklace B - Labradorite Cluster 14k Gold Fill Y /w Dagger

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I may lose some of my Cleveland Fans, but... GO GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! I try to never alienate my loving customers by incorporating politics or other sensitive agenda, but come on! I just wanted to have a little fun >.<

Yes my new jewelry line has been named after my home State of California, and I think the name is fairly fitting, wouldn't you agree? This new Labradorite I just got in is just so, GOLDEN! So much fire, especially golds and blues, I'm just so excited to be creating with it!

For my first piece, the -A- Necklace is just so simple, clean chic. Very minimalistic in design. No frills yet still delivering a bold statement, with all the focus on this fabulous stone and the incredible faceted cut.

This stone looks absolutely amazing right below the neck, but still sharp at varying lengths. Please enjoy customizing your own perfect length when purchasing! If you aren't positive on what your desired length should be, 18" is a fairly safe bet, and typically the industry standard for simple clean necklaces.

All metals, chain and findings are created with 14k Gold Fill, perfect for those with sensitivity. If your body can tolerate Sterling Silver, you are going to love 14k Gold Fill!

Necklace measures 18" L + 7" Drop chain L

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