Sans-Stone - Soft Diamond Earrings - 14k Gold Fill

Sans-Stone - Soft Diamond Earrings - 14k Gold Fill

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Get it, the SANS-Stone Collection?! A Collection of metal framework created by yours truly, sans (without) gemstones. I know it's a  definite change from my usual M.O., especially since I absolutely adore the addition of natural stones. 

This collection is for my lovely babes who don't want to worry about a piece working with a specific outfit and color coordinating with the different stone colors. These pieces are the perfect simple chic addition your wardrobe craves!

Keep a lookout for more additions, I'm looking to expand this collection to a multitude of shapes and sizes. Also keep in mind, yes all the pictures depict gold framework, but I'm happy to make you a Sterling Silver variant if you leave me a note during your checkout process.


Can you really go wrong with this shape? Such a pleasing, everyday look that just works, if I do say so myself! Classic soft diamond shape, get yours today!  

Framework and earwires are constructed with 14k Gold Fill, perfect for those with sensitivity. If your ears can tolerate Sterling Silver, more than likely you are going to love 14k Gold Fill.

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