Ophelia's Quartz /w Pyrite Necklace Medium Layer Length 24"

Ophelia's Quartz /w Pyrite Necklace Medium Layer Length 24"

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NOTE** Because of the unique nature of the Crystal Quartz Pendant utilized in this piece, please note that although each necklace will look like roughly what you see in the picture provided here, each Quartz piece will vary slightly in size and shape. They will all be a drop shape, but the exact dimensions are unique to each piece.

I think we can all agree that this piece is totally boho, yes?! Oh lordy, the tiny faceted pyrite gemstones that embellish the custom framework of the pendant just make this piece for me!

We've sourced some delicious, uniquely sized Crystal Quartz Drop pieces that are suspended from my usual hand forged 14k Gold Filled Framework, which I shape and then hammer for strength myself in the studio. And how about that quarky little off-center section of Pyrite on the chain? I love everything asymmetry <3

The Necklace measures 24" in length, making this your perfect Medium Tier Layering piece from my new Ophelia's Garden Collection. Try stacking this lovely piece with my other tasty matching choices!

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