Spell Work 101

Spell Work 101

Divination practices like spell work have existed for millennia. The purpose of all prophetic rituals, such as tarot readings, astrology, and magick enchantments, is to focus our universal energy source into a specific intention or goal. This is done by connecting with, shifting, and directing our own energy during magickal practices. 


Anyone familiar with the law of attraction will understand the ways that we can change the course of a certain circumstance through focused intent. All spell work uses this kind of energy channeling to cultivate a specific outcome or event that allows your manifestation to come true. Using this divination routine can allow you to obtain any material, spiritual, or emotional feat you want! 


There are many ways you can create spells. For this article, we will be focusing on creating spell jars using the items in our pre-made spell jar kit from our shop! Each of our six spell jar kits focus on a different intent – Self-Love, Anti-Anxiety, Intuition & Dreams, Protection, Abundance, or Motivate & Create. These kits include the following items: 


1 Bottle

1 Incense Stick

1 Chime Candle

2 Types of Crystal Chips

4 Types of Herbs

1 Pendant with String


Spell jars are meant to contain items that represent your intentions. Therefore, using items such as crystals and herbs that contain the vibrational or natural energy of your desires only strengthens your spell magick. For example, Rose Quartz encourages self-love while Lavender is used as a relaxation devise. Additionally, symbolic pieces such as the charm included in each kit represent and intensify the will of your spell. Spells should also be completely sealed, to ensure your directed energy stays inside the contents of your bottle. Using candle wax will serve to physically and metaphorically seal your spell bottle.


Since spell making requires using your energy to manifest your desires, it is essential to use your intuition to guide you through the entire process. If this means excluding certain crystals and herbs, adding your own, or using other representative pieces during your creation, feel free to do so. These instructions do not need to be followed perfectly, but simply serves as guidance for your directional energy usage.


Step 1) Cleanse Your Space

Before preforming any type of magickal ritual, it is essential to have a space clear of negative and unwanted energy. Make sure to cleanse not only your surroundings, by your aura and any tool you will be using during this process. Each kit includes a piece of incense that will not only cleanse your space, but also provide vibrational energy that aligns with your intentions. However, if you do not want to use the provided cleanser, you may also use cleansing crystals like selenite, and clear quartz, or other types of smoke cleansing like sage and palo santo, for example.


Step 2) Add to Your Bottle

Once your space is cleansed, you are ready to begin! Using your intuition, add the crystals and herbs into the bottle. You can fill in the bottle to any amount, and you are not required to use all the provided contents; get creative and make sure to feel out what amounts seem right to you.

During the process, ensure that you are focusing your energy on your aspirations. You may chant a mantra in your head or out loud, or visualize your desired outcome while preforming your spell.


Step 3) Binding Your Spell

Both the pendant wrapping, and the chime candle are ways you can seal off your bottle. Typically, you wrap and tie the pendant around the bottle first, as it serves as both a symbol and a sealant to spell casting. However, it is up to you which order you’d like to do this step.

Once it’s time you use the chime candle, make sure you use a surface safe for wax to drip from. In your safe location, light the candle's wick at a 75° angle over the top of the bottle. Allow the wax to drip completely over the bottle’s cork until it is completely sealed. During this time, you should still be directing your energy to your intention. 

Once you’ve finished sealing your bottle, give time for the wax to completely dry, and your spell is finished! You may place the jar anywhere you’d like, although it is recommended to keep it in a location that goes with your manifested goal. For instance, Self-Love Jars can go in your beauty/self-care space, Motivate & Create Jars can be placed on your work desk, while Protection Jars can be moved near an entryway. This way, you can be reminded of your aspirations and motivate you to achieve them. However, it is up to you where you want to keep these – in your home, workplace, carried with you, or given to a loved one.

 If you want to create a spell bottle but want a different intention than our kits provide, or want a larger variety of herbs and crystals, our shop can still give you what you need. Shop our herbs section for common items such as Lavender, Hibiscus Flower, or Rose Petals, and more. Our tumbled stoned are also perfect for larger spell jar creations. Use our chakra and color listings on our website to easily find the crystals you need. Good Luck & Happy Casting!


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