Crystal Grid Guide Part 1

Crystal Grid Guide Part 1

Using the intense power of sacred geometry and crystal vibrations, crystal grids are the perfect tool to strengthen the ability to manifest our desires. This is done by arranging our crystals in a specific pattern, using vibrational crystal energy and mathematical symbolism to concentrate our intentions.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry displays itself throughout the entire universe. It exists naturally, all over Mother Earth and beyond. These unique patterns use mathematical ratios, such as the spirals seen in nautilus shells, corresponding with logarithmic growth. Each unique pattern serves a different archetypal purpose, like every crystal having specific healing properties. These patterns have been studied by many cultures throughout history, allowing us the opportunity to use their ancient wisdom for our lives today.

Selecting Your Grid

By applying crystal energy to sacred geometry patterns, we can utilize the properties of each mathematical form to amplify, direct, and centralize the frequencies towards our goals and desires. Crystal abilities shift depending on shape, color, size, and type, so utilizing each of these attributes will increase your ability to enhance the energy you want.

Although there are recommendations for certain geometric patterns and crystals, there are no strict rules of crystal gridding - the most important aspect of energetic healing is using your intuition. This is because our connection with universal energy is our number one guide for directing us towards our paths. However, if you are new to the world of crystals and sacred geometry or want a quick sample of crystal grid types, look below of some ideas:


Self-Love – Metatron’s Cube 

Represents the journey towards happiness and connection of mind, body, and spirit.


Abundance—Circular Mandela

Allows for a different area of life you’d wish to have flourished.


Creativity – Seed of Life

Brings in revitalization through heightened energy flow, for new projects and goals.

Communication –Tetrahedron

Enhances interconnection and unification through the complex connections within the pattern.


Chakra Balance – Flower of Life

Represents the cycle of life, strengthens internal balance and our connection to universal energy.


Tune in to part two, where we discuss the process of selecting crystals for your grid, placement, and how to cleanse!

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