Crystal Grid Guide Part 2

Crystal Grid Guide Part 2

Last week’s post discussed sacred geometric patterns and how we can apply our knowledge of these shapes to amplify certain intention. Although crystal grid tools are not necessary, they help intensify the vibrations and make gridding easier and more precise. These tools can be drawn yourself, or even printed out online. Within the pattern of the grid are lines, or paths that the crystal energy will follow, which alters the way energy flows. It also connects the frequencies together, providing an intense source of energy for your manifestation. There are endless combinations of crystals, depending on your intention and grid pattern. Once you’ve settled on your grid pattern, you can now decide on the stones you want to use.

Selecting Your Crystals

Choosing crystals for your grid can be done in several ways, but it is best to decide on your intention and consider which ones best suit this desire. Grids typically include a center stone and surrounding activation crystals. The center, or focus stone, is the representation of your intention, while the remaining stones are amplifiers of your center crystal’s energy. The outer crystals will also be following a consistent pattern surrounding your centerpiece depending on the grid you’ve decided on, and you can use any number of different crystals to fulfill the pattern. Each placement in the outer rings have a different usage. Way stones are the first ring outside the center, and usually serve to amplify and guide the center stone. The crystals at the end of the grid are known as desire stones. Aptly named, these stones represent the end goal you wish to receive with your desire. Many grids also include amplification stones, typically being pointed stones that enhance the energy overall and further the connection between all the stones.


Self-Love – Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Pink Calcite, Clear Quartz

With the Rose Quartz heart as the centerpiece, this grid centers our heart chakra and the desire for self-acceptance. Pointing at the Rose Quartz anchor stone, the Clear Quartz points serve to amplify the energy of the center and help connect the energy of the remaining stones. In between the Clear Quartz are Rhodochrosite crystals, which is a stone used to stimulate both self-worth and passion. It also helps connect us to higher consciousness, enabling us to aid any heart chakra blockages. Finally, the outermost Pink Calcite gems provide a nurturing and healing vibration to the heart chakra, allowing us to heal from any emotional trauma, heartbreak, etc.  


Creativity – Goldstone, Carnelian, Crazy Lace Agate, Blue Apatite, Bronzite

As the grid’s anchor, Goldstone is incredibly energizing and stimulating. Along with its ability to bring in a sense of optimism, this crystal is great for motivating us to pursue our creative endeavors. Similar, the next ring of Blue Apatite crystals provide clarity and enhances personal power. This allows us to better achieve overall goals. The altering pattern of Bronzite and Carnelian are meant to bounce off each other in this grid example. Carnelian is perfect for stimulating us through heightened energy and creativity. On the other hand, Bronzite is more stabilizing and helps us focus. Bringing in the dual energies allows us to center our attention on a project while also giving us a refreshed source of vitality. Finally, Crazy Lace Agate improves our ability to be authentic, healing any aspects that are deterring us from creating something from our hearts. It is also great for overall creativity and amplification of other energies.


Communication – Kyanite, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Citrine

Sitting in the center of this grid, the Blue Tiger’s Eye is representative of focus, power, and openness. It brings in a calming frequency that allows us to freely communicate our desires and feelings to those around us. The sphere shape of the crystal showers the surrounding crystals and space with this vibrational frequency, amplifying the grid overall. Lapis Lazuli surrounds our centerpiece, which encourages us to arrive at inner truths and connects us to our true feelings. Behind these gems are pieces of Aventurine, meant to provide decisiveness and the ability to speak our truths without fear of judgement. This property is like the outer ring of Citrine pieces as well, however the Citrine pieces also improve the amount of success in communication. Finally, the Kyanite pieces point towards most of the other crystals, serving both to amplify and charge their properties, while also being the desire stones that focus the intention on improved communication overall.


Prosperity – Aventurine, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Pyrite, Clear Quartz


Pyrite is the perfect stone for bringing in luck, prosperity, and abundance. It is also great for shielding off negative energy, allowing good luck to continue in all aspects of your life. Clear Quartz points surround this stone, amplifying and charging this sentiment. Like Pyrite, both Citrine and Aventurine enhance prosperity. Citrine also strengthens the endurance of both you and the crystals within the grid, while Aventurine provides us with the ability to motivate and go forward with our goals. Improving our confidence and courage, the Yellow Tiger’s Eye stones at the end of the grid aim to inspire us to make the efforts to gain the wealth, fortune, and growth we are hoping to bring in with this grid.


Chakra Balance – Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Amethyst

If you are unfamiliar with our internal chakra system, check out our blog post for an introduction to the seven main chakras. Our chakra balancing grid includes crystals correlated to each chakra, starting with the Smokey Quartz for our Root Chakra and Amethyst for the Crown Chakra. Additionally, the Clear Quartz pieces surrounding the line of chakra crystals enhance their healing frequency overall. Although this is the most basic of our grid examples, it is packed with energies that bring in the ability to improve any emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages or overactivity within our lives.


Cleansing, Creating, and Activating

After making your decisions on grid patterns and stones and having found a location to create your crystal grid, it is essential that you clean your space and the crystals you plan on using. This can be done through smoke cleansing like sage or cleansing crystals like selenite. Once this is complete, you are ready to set up your grid!

            Allow your intuition to continue to guide you during this process. The patterns within the grid are important to utilize, but remember that you understand your own needs and desires the most, and allowing those feelings to guide you will make the biggest difference in your healing journey. You may also add outside items, such as herbs, flowers, written intentions, items with personal sentiment, or anything else you feel represents your goals.

            Once everything is laid out in front of you, visually focus on your intention, you may state it out loud, create a mantra, or recite your desires that you have written down. Use this time to meditate on these goals and align yourself with the frequencies within the grid. Envision the connecting between the crystals and yourself, picturing how you will manifest with these combined frequencies. You may also pray to any divine energy you align with, calling on their power to aid you with your goals. Once you intuitively feel completed with this manifesting, take time to appreciate both yourself and the universal energy source you are connected to.

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