Your Guide to Scorpio Season 2022

Your Guide to Scorpio Season 2022

No time of the year allows you to indulge in passion and pleasure quite like Scorpio season. From October 23rd to November 21st, everyone will be experiencing a new sense of empowerment and assertiveness, which contrasts from the “go with the flow” energy felt during Libra season. This time of the year isn’t referred to as “cuffing season” for no reason- the passion felt from Mars is undeniable. This often translates to a heightened desire for intimacy, especially with romantic partners.

The intensity of Scorpio season, however, does not end with our sensual desires- this time of the year is all about digging into and exploring the deepest parts of ourselves. Scorpios are water signs, after all, and dealing with some of our most fervent emotions and thoughts is nearly a given. Don’t let this scare you too much, since the result of processing tough emotions will aid cycles of transformation and change. The true beauty of Scorpio season comes in the powerful drive, concentration, and stamina to work towards self-improvement and other personal endeavors.

Crystal Recommendations:

Flower Agate

Since the intense emotions of Scorpio season may be too much for some of the other zodiac signs, balancing your feelings is a necessity. Flower Agate is the perfect stones to bring in those soothing vibes and a sense of equilibrium. This stone is also very grounding, allowing you to feel centered and calm during the more high-heat moments of this time of year. 


If you’re wanting to use this time of the year to explore or heal sexual aspects of yourself, Carnelian is a great stone to use. Carnelian targets the Sacral Chakra, which functions as our energetic pleasure center, to bring in healing energy to sexuality and sensuality. This crystal is also good for enhancing the focus and drive or Scorpio season.

Clear Quartz

In need of some change? Pick up some Clear Quartz to use that transformative energy brought on by Scorpio season in full force. This is the perfect stone for those who want to go headfirst into Scorpion energy for a deepened sense of empowerment and vitality. Additionally, Clear Quartz is good for preventing the mind from tunneling too much on one thing, as Scorpio season is prone to causing.

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