Tarot Reading 7/26

Tarot Reading 7/26


Three of Pentacles – Collaboration, Shared Goals, Planning

Six of Wands – Achievements, Recognition, Success


If you have been putting extra effort into improving an area of your life recently, especially relating to your work or school life, those advancements have not gone unnoticed. The combination of these two cards suggest that others around you, your collaborators, leaders, and associates have all taken note of the energy you have been exerting into your practice. The heightened amount of creativity and vitality during Leo season may be rubbing off on you in the best way possible. Continuing this path of hard work will undoubtably elevate you to the success and fortune you deserve.

Crystal Recommendations:

Your hard work deserves recognition. Lapis Lazuli is a great stone to ensure that the people around you are paying attention to the progress you've made thus far. It also can improve any communication issues you may be facing.

In order to ensure that you have a clear and centered mind, Smoky Quartz can reduce mind chatter and provide clarity to anything you may be dealing with. That way, you will be better equip to not work by yourself and with those around you, as efficiently as possible.

Since we are in Leo season, utilizing the Sun's energy and the frequency of Carnelian would have you working faster than ever. With Carnelian, you can achieve your goals and put in work for things you may have been putting off.

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  • Nick Morse