Tarot Reading 8/16

Tarot Reading  8/16


King of Swords – Clarity, High Standards, Wisdom

Justice – Fairness, Truth, Accountability

Ace of Cups – Intuition, Opportunity, Subconscious


Lately, you have been feeling emotionally and mentally conflicted regarding whether you should make a large change in your life. Your head and heart are currently at odds, debating whether you should jump into the unknown, or stick with what you know. Bracing yourself for change will undoubtably lead to a plethora of new opportunities for you, but are you ready to make a leap of faith?

Being upfront with your fears is the best way to handle a situation like this. What are the gains and losses that come with staying where you are? Is the comfort and stability worth the loss of further transformation? Seeking answers to these questions should be handled in a calculated manner – through both the self and with others. Confiding with loved ones and mentors will leave you with a more wise way of determining your path, but you must also be upfront and honest with yourself about what you are and aren't ready for.


Seeking out guidance from higher energy sources will provide you with the wisdom you may be needing for this decision. Meditating with Angelite will bring you closer to your spirit guides, as well as strengthening your connection to your subconscious. It will also dispel any negative and anxious thoughts, as to give you a clearer and more positive outlook on your situation.

If you are determined to bring in transformation and embrace the new opportunities that come your way, wearing and keeping Lemurian Quartz with you will allow opportunities to flow your way. It will also help you maintain a clear head and heart, so you can make more methodical choices, while not blocking your connection to your intuition.

On the other hand, if you are feeling unprepared for change, or you are simply satisfied with your current situation, make sure to stand grounded and stable with Shungite. This stone is great at stabilizing surrounding energy, including yours, and ensuring that you aren't being pushed around by unfamiliar energy.  

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