Tarot Tuesday 9/13

Tarot Tuesday 9/13


Two of Wands - Building Foundation, Making Decisions, Balance

The Defender (Emperor) - Authority, Stability, Protection


Sometimes we are prone to speaking up or making hasty decisions before we've done the work to fully understand what we are getting into. This can lead to a one step forward, two steps back situation, where we are prone to giving up or remaining stuck in a sticky situation. The Defender reminds us the importance of remaining grounded, and not to act on impulse. We can feel ready and passionate to engage in situations that we aren't actually prepared for. And trust in maintain in that mentality is essential, however we need to build a foundation before we act on this feeling. This is the message from the 2 of Wands, the need to sit with ourselves and fully analyze our situation. Making a plan of action and understanding our desires before we set our ideas in motion.


Clearing the mind of unnecessary chatter, feelings of unease and other distractions is the best way to come into a situation where you need to create and plan. Clear Quartz can provide that sense of relaxation and clarity you need. This crystal also shows us insight of subconscious feelings and desires that help us better understand ourselves and our life path.

If you've been feeling unmotivated or stuck in your situation, you can use the energy of Bumble Bee Jasper to reinvigorate your sense of passion. This stone also clears mental and emotional blockages that may be draining to your state of mind, and give you a renewed sense of optimism.

The 2 of Wands is urging us to stay balanced and stable both before and while taking action. Moss Agate is a great stone to utilize for stability. It also connects us to our Root Chakra to remain grounded and feel confidence in our decision making.

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